Screenshot tour of PoP Project

Project Timeline

The project timeline (also known as the Gantt chart) shows tasks, their dates, and status. You can even reprioritize tasks by pulling them up or down. You can leave tasks without end dates, and our dynamic Gantt chart will smartly handle them.

Interactive project timeline

Tasks as Buckets of Work

Each task is a bucket of work, with its own team, message wall, documents, and notes where you can write well formatted notes with hyperlinks and images, and even embed Google docs or other applications (using the HTML editor provided). You now have a Project Plan, not just a Task Plan!

Project Planning

Planning the project is a very natural action in PoP Project. Auto prompting allows you to list the key tasks on our tool almost as quickly as you list them in your head. Then you can add subtasks, expand / collapse the tasks, and move entire blocks of tasks to reprioritize them.

Document Sharing

Project documents can be stored online and accessed from anywhere in the world by your team using PoP Project. No more worrying about shared drives and server administrators. Everytime you upload a file, any previous copies are still kept for you until you specifically delete them.

Collaboration Wall

Team members converse by writing on the task walls. These are linked to their emails. In fact they can use the emails directly to converse, while the messages are also captured on the task walls! Conversations stay within their tasks, and your teams enjoy chaos free collaboration.


Your project has a team associated with it, and each task has its own team associated with it as well (by default it is the project's team). This allows you to divide responsibility naturally over the project as happens organically in real projects.

Like it? Try it!

Just like looking at pictures of an iPhone does not give the full picture of how smooth the interface really is, these pictures only begin to show how natural our approach to project management feels. If these peaked your interest, we encourage you to dive in by creating an account. It only takes 30 seconds to get started.