Frequently Asked Questions

Is my password safe from prying eyes?

Yes. We use https, a combination of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol with the SSL/TLS protocol to ensure encrypted communication and secure identification when you provide us with your login id and password. This creates a secure channel and ensures protection from eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attackers.

Is my data secure from prying eyes?

Project data is stored in an industry strength relational database on a very secure Debian based Linux server. We have painstakingly applied security measures to close possible entry points into our system. All server software is regularly updated and security patches are applied promptly. Even in this database passwords are hashed and then stored, so nobody can read them even if they had access to the database. Of the project data, documents are stored on the Cloud, behind a forty character secret key. Backups (discussed further in the next section) of data are encrypted with an RFC4880 ( standard key, and are useless without the passphrase and keyring for that key.

Your data is VERY secure.

Who owns my data?

You own your data. If you decide to pack your bags and leave our tool, we will help you take your project with you. It is our belief that PoP Project is an engine that delivers value on projects. We make money from the value that we deliver, not the data that we hold. Also, we realize that if the customer knows they can walk away with no hard feelings, it makes their stay with PoP Project that much more comfortable. So, to reiterate, you own your data.

Is my data safe from disaster?

We backup all data stored on our Linux server daily to the Cloud in tiny, RFC4880 ( encrypted packets. If our server was on top of an Icelandic volcano (It isn't, incidentally. It is in Fremont, California.), we would have lost only a day's worth of work. Within two hours of finding a new server, our tool and your data would be back up and running. We test a full recovery at specific periods, when the entire server is wiped on purpose and restored from backup.

What about the backups? The backups (and the project documents) are stored on Cloud servers which use double redundancy on EVERY file stored. That means that the backups have a backup. It is you're data, but we are treating it like it's our baby.