Win by dividing your project into buckets!

Less time learning software = More time being productive.
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Used by Groups Like Yours


Tacitware provides state-of-the-art Knowledge Management software solutions to meet the challenges of the knowledge worker. They are commoditizing their experience by publishing knowledge management applications on PoP Project.

Knowledge Systems Institute

Knowledge Systems Institute (KSI) is an accredited learning institution that boasts several computer and digital information programs. Paradigm PoP has built a trackable student entrollement application powered by PoP Project, for KSI.

How it works

1. Divide
Simply list your major tasks. PoP Project creates each one like a bucket of work with its own team, message wall, document store, notes section, and reminder section. You can set dates for select tasks and see a useful timeline view (Gantt chart).
2. Setup
Create guidance notes with rich text and images where needed. You can even embed other applications like Google docs. Assign team members to your project and tasks.
3. Manage
Store documents within the tasks. Let the teams write on the task walls (or directly on their email - the walls will be connected with it.) Set reminders, and get alerts for important project events.

Why PoP Project?

Gets Out of Your Way

Email is all you need to fully interact with your team members on PoP.


Our users love PoP Project because it is incredibly simple. Many project management tools have an unnecessary array of features. They need to be managed themselves. PoP Project is not a swiss army knife. It is a hammer.

Organic Growth

We add features that our customers request, while being very careful to meter how feature intensive PoP Project gets.